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Ferriday Location
(Integrated Solutions/Irrigation)

503 Lake Drive

(318) 757-0992
(318) 757-8578
Mer Rouge

302 Andrews (LA 2)

(318) 647-3637



Crop Insurance
Farmers have more decisions to make than ever before.  FSA Office decisions are for the life of the Farm Bill and effect the crop insurance decisions that are available to you. 
Goldman Equipment created GEC Insurance Agency in 2013 to bring professional crop insurance products to producers.  Let us help you evaluate your crop insurance options.  Is Supplemental Coverage Option “SCO” right for your operation?  Is Stacked Income Protection Plan “STAX” right for your cotton?  Should I change my existing coverage in light of these new options?
We have a number of agents , and insurance manager, Wade Cook that can help.
If you'd like to talk to Wade, or have questions about crop insurance, please contact him at
(318) 282-8747 or


Valley Irrigation

Goldman Equipment Water Management Department is a proud
Performance Plus dealer of Valley Irrigation Systems.

Irrigation Department Products and Services:

  • Valley Center Pivot Sales
  • Valley Parts and Service
  • Center Pivot Field Design
  • Underground Pipes of All Sizes
  • Full Line of Pipeline Supplies, like risers, Hydrants, Tee's Riser caps, etc.
  • Weirs
  • Underground pipeline trenching and installation
  • Large Ag Irrigation Water Well (10", 12", 16")
  • Test Water Well Installation
  • Surge Valves
  • Full line of well gear heads (electrical and power unit driven)
  • Full line of pumps (water well, centrifugal, and camel back)
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring Systems
  • Delta Plastics Polly Pipe


Keeping Your Trust is Important to Us

We developed a set of guiding principles that reflect our core values of integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation.

John Deere believes that insights from data will be a key part of meeting our industry's collective goal to produce enough food and to build the infrastructure required to sustain a growing world population. We also believe that companies providing data services should have effective processes that ensure privacy, security and control for their customers.

Click HERE to read more.

Precision Farming Department

Services Include:


  •   Data Management - WDT
  •   Field Connect System
  •   Field Survey and Design
  •   Help Develop Irrigation Plan
  •   Aerial Imagery


From individual fields to entire growing regions, SpecTerra Imagery provides low cost, high quality and timely information on your crop health, to:

  • Identify, map and assess within field variability
  • Implement precision farming practices for reducing inputs and increasing yields
  • Monitor the outcome of crop management operations
  • Identify locations for strategic sampling
  • Estimate crop yield with greater accuracy
  • Plan strategic harvesting operations


John Deere Farm Sight™

The John Deere FarmSight strategy integrates wireless technology into arable and livestock farms, the contractor’s business and the John Deere dealership to a much deeper level than ever before. In the future, John Deere FarmSight will connect equipment, owners, operators, dealers and agricultural consultants in order to enhance productivity and increase efficiency, by sharing information as well as sustainable practices to help reduce overall input costs.

  In simple terms, John Deere FarmSight will provide integrated solutions in the areas of Machine Optimisation, Logistics Optimisation and Ag Decision Support, enabling additional productivity enhancements through machine connectivity and intelligence. These solutions will include user-friendly monitors, sensors and wireless networks for machinery, and agronomic data to facilitate operational decision making.

John Deere FarmSight integrated solutions will consist of
three main elements:

  • Intelligent John Deere machinery
  • Innovative Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)
  • Complementary services provided by the John Deere dealer´╗┐´╗┐


GS2 Information

GreenStar2™ System Quick Reference Guide
For more information about John Deere technology Please visit


Used Equipment Search

Administration Office
3270 Hwy. 568
P.O. Box 540
Waterproof, LA 71375
(318) 749-3444
Waterproof, LA
8144 Hwy. 65 N
P.O. Box 368
Waterproof, LA 71375
(318) 749-3205
Newellton, LA
3369 Hwy. 65 S
P.O. Box 687
Newellton, LA 71357
(318) 467-5114
Tallulah, LA
1450 Johnson St.
P.O. Box 31
Tallulah, LA 71282
(318) 574-1333
Lake Providence, LA
7340 Hwy. 65 N
P.O. Box 551
Lake Providence, LA 71254
(318) 559-2930
Bossier City, LA
3365 Old Minden Rd.
P.O. Box 5356
Bossier City, LA 71171
(318) 742-6577
Natchitoches, LA
1608 Texas St.
Natchitoches, LA 71457
(318) 352-5524
Mer Rouge, LA
302 Andrews (LA 2)
P.O. Box 262
Mer Rouge, LA 71261
(318) 647-3637
West Monroe, LA
511 Mane St.
West Monroe, LA 71292
(318) 387-5534
Stacy, LA
11900 Hwy. 84
P.O. Box 1790
Ferriday, LA 71334
(318) 757-4576
Ferriday, LA Irrigation
503 Lake Dr.
Ferriday, LA 71334
(318) 757-0992
Winnsboro, LA
5365 Hwy. 15
P.O. Box 485
Winnsboro, LA 71295
(318) 435-7789
Alexandria, LA
4425 Macarthur Dr.
P.O. Box 5563
Alexandria, LA 71302
(318) 442-8875
Farmerville, LA
706 N. Main Street
Farmerville, LA 71241

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