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♦Field drainage assistance: Use John Deere RTK GPS elevation points to develop a Topographical map of a field. Helps to determine the location of the lower field elevation zones to ensure drainage ditches are placed in the correct spot for proper field drainage. 
Use aerial imagery when applicable to map and locate areas in a field that need to be ditched. These ditches can be then located, mapped, and then saved for future use with John Deere GS displays.

♦Land surveying: Survey existing fields to create drainage maps and cut sheets. Helps to insure proper ditch placement for draining and develop cut sheets for precision land leveling. Goldman can facilitate precision land leveling on a customer’s land.

♦John Deere elevation importation assistance for surveying:Goldman can assist customers in the importation of RTK elevation data for land surveying. If a customer had field documentation on and is recording RTK elevation data, then a field preliminary survey isn’t needed. This RTK elevation data can be used to develop field draining plan or field irrigation improvement plan.

♦Irrigation assistance: Furrow or Pivot
 Offer assistance in determining what the best method of irrigation could be for a farm. Create a Center Pivot model or Precision Level Plan to determine which is the best option for the farm. 

♦TerraCutta Precision land leveling: Row Fall or Straight fall
Uses John Deere RTK GPS for elevation correction for precision leveling Row Fall – minimizes cost by using as much natural land contour as possible Straight Fall – precision levels a field for straight levees.

♦John Deere Soil Moisture Probes: Goldman Equipment can provide a customer with John Deere Soil Moisture Probes. Soil Moisture Probes are installed in the ground and collect soil moisture and other in field variable used for irrigation determination. For an annual fee, Goldman will install, setup, and remove the soil moisture probes. Goldman will also setup the internet access as to allow the customer to collect data via the internet.

♦Cut sheet analysis: VRT Lime or Chicken Litter
 Use cut sheets to apply inputs to a site specific location in a field that has been precision land leveled. Create management zone for higher cut areas in a field.

♦Grid Soil Sampling: Goldman Equipment can help facilitate grid soil sampling of a customer’s farm. Soil sampling data could be used to help identify nutrient management zones, soil pH levels, soil types, and other soil variables. Soil sampling data collect could then be used to help develop a nutrient data plan and also used to write variable rate prescription cards.

♦John Deere yield data importation assistance: Goldman can assist customers with the importation of yield data collected from John Deere equipment. Goldman can take the farmer’s yield data, import it into farming GIS software, and then generate yield reports that can be useful to the farmer.

♦John Deere equipment data management assistance: Goldman can assist customer with John Deere JD Link equipment data management. If a customer has JD Link activated on any JD Link Ready equipment, Goldman can assist customers with managing any data collected by JD Link. Goldman can help generate reports detailing areas such as engine hours usage, fuel burn, fuel usage, ground speeds, working speeds, transport speeds, oil pressures, oil temps, etc. These reports can help customers to maximize the efficiency of the farm machinery fleet.

♦Variable rate prescription cards: Goldman can assist customers in getting their existing variable rate data to work properly and efficiently with John Deere Rate Controllers, Spray Star, etc.   Goldman can take the data that the farmer already has and make it correctly with the John Deere systems. If a farmer does not have any data, then Goldman can help facilitate data collection for the farmer.

♦Irrigation assistance: Furrow or Pivot
 Offer assistance in determining what the best method of irrigation could be for a farm. Create a Center Pivot model or Precision Level Plan to determine which is the best option for the farm.

♦Water well installation: After Irrigation Assistance plan has been developed and then decided, Goldman can offer water well installation to meet the requirements of the Irrigation Plan.

♦Underground piping: After Water Wells have been installed, Goldman can offer to install all the underground irritation piping, risers, valves, etc. associated with the Irrigation Plan.



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